Sample Resources

One sample item from each type of resource in the database.

Playing Cards

Tarot Cards





What is this?

Project Games API is a free REST API intended for web development students who want to connect to an API for coding projects. The database provides various resources for game creation, including a deck of playing cards, a deck of tarot cards, coins, dice, and sets of words.

Web development students usually create their own projects to learn programming languages and techniques, as well as to build a porfolio of work examples. Coding games can be a fun way to accomplish this. Demonstrating the skill of connecting to an API is also a common requirement or goal for projects.

Couldn't I create my own resources for my project?

You certainly could. This API is intended for those who need to show that they can connect to an API and use the resources from the API in their project. It's free and doesn't require an account, so it's an easy REST API to use.

Who developed this?

Project Games API was created by Bonnie Martin.

Why did you create this API?

I created this API to learn more about how APIs work on the back end. I've always been more interested in front end development, and API development was not something I was familiar with at all. It's a skill that's rising in demand, so I decided to take a course to learn about it, and then build my own project.

What is the tech stack?

The API itself was developed in PHP. The front end of this website was created with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I wrote almost everything from scratch, without relying on external libraries, because it's a simple enough website. I did include the highlight.js library to make the JavaScript examples more interesting to read.

Why did you choose those languages?

My usual development work is primarily in PHP and JavaScript, so those are the languages that I have the most experience with. I did not want this project to involve learning an additional language, because that was not what I was trying to accomplish with this endeavor.

Why are you doing side projects like this when you're already an experienced/Senior developer?

All web developers have to keep learning new things. There are a bazillion web-related technologies, and they all evolve quickly, so keeping up with the industry is an ongoing challenge. I try to monitor trends in web development so that I can idenfiy areas that I should learn more about, and I often take courses and do side projects to cement the skills that I'm learning.

Where did the resources in the database come from?

The playing cards are free stock images that I found years ago for another project. The tarot cards and descriptions are from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, which is in the public domain in the United States. The coin faces are free stock photos that I found online. I created all the dice faces from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Do you always comment every single line of code like in the examples?

No. The Examples have a comment on every line of code to explain what's going on for someone who is new to using APIs and JavaScript. In my regular work, I add enough comments so that I can remember what I was doing when I look at the code a month after I wrote it, as well as to make it easily understandable for others on my team.

Can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is on LinkedIn.